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Some facts about our centre
hours of classes and workshops designed by our teachers
teachers who love their language
students from 78 countries registered for our courses
Online courses for Russian language learners with different language levels
  • "Express course on preparation for a comprehensive exam in the Russian language, history of Russia and the basics of the legislation of the Russian Federation" (A1-A2)
  • Course "Basics of Business Communication" (B1)
  • Audiocourse "Holidays FM. Level В1"
  • Russian Regional Studies "Russia: Cultural Code" (B1)
  • Course "Learn how to learn" (B1+)
  • Course on Basics of Internet Communication (A2+)
Dear participants! Join your group's chats and check your e-mail, please! You can find links for online translations of lessons and other information there. If you are confused or you have any questions, please, write rusinyaz@sfu-kras.ru
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